500W Portable Electric Heater

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  • Buy more, save more: Buy 2/3/4 to get 5/10/15% discount

Are you feeling freezing in the cold dorm or office? Our mini heater is made for those chilly days in your room or at the office. Adopt innovative PTC heating technology, this ceramic heater warms up in 3S. One button operation and it provides efficient heat into every corners of the house that needs constant heat in cold weather. Automatic overheat protection and tip over protection, our space unit will protect you and your family. Featured with low-noise, our space heater will never disturb your resting, sleeping, reading and working.

  • 3S Fast Warming Up: Our ceramic heater can quickly warm up the air around you within 3 seconds! Stay warm and comfortable in nearly any space under 322Sq ft when the weather turns for the worst once you pick up this portable space heater!
  • Protect Your Safety: Automatic overheating protection system will shut the electric heater off when the parts of the heater overheat. Adopt innovative PTC technology, ceramic heater cools down quickly to avoid overheating. The tip over protection system will also shut the heater off when the heater is knocked over by accident and it will come back on automatically if it is upright.
  • Effortless Control Heater: One button power on/off, this space heater delivers heat into every corners of the house that needs constant heat in cold weather. Always keep your room temperature at the optimal level and reduce power consumption. High efficiency and low power consumptions.
  • Low Noise Portable Heater: Offer you a quiet space with extra comfort. Low noise will not disturb your resting, sleeping, reading and work, etc. Mini size and lightweight is easy to place in any room or move from the floor to the table.
  • Premium ABS Materials: Upgrade ABS material applied, which is more flame-retardant. Black main body and gold frame distinguish your space heater from desk gadgets. 4Pcs sponge pads bring much stability.
  • Allow at least 3 feet of unobstructed space to the front, rear or sides of the heater to allow for maximum heat, air, and ventilation flow.
  • Keep combustible materials, such as furniture, pillows, bedding, papers and curtains at least 3ft/0.9m from front of the heater and keep them away from the sides and rear of the heater.
  • DON’T touch the metal part when or after using it.
  • Please remove the plug before cleaning, maintaining or moving the unit.
  • Please never wash the product directly with water and wipe it with a soft cloth containing a little neutral detergent, and then wipe it with a clean soft cloth. Do not use gasoline, toluene and other solvent for cleaning.
  • Please do not knock or vibrate the machine when using it, otherwise it may cause automatic shutdown. At this time, just restart it.
  • This item is not suitable for people who are disabled on body, sensor or intelligence, unless there is someone else to ensure the safety, to monitor which, and be aware of the way to use it.
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