Ronco 5-Tray Dehydrator, Food Preserver, Quiet Dehydrating and Easy to Use

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Make healthy snacks, with no preservatives, at home with Ronco’s 5-Tray Food Dehydrator. The stackable tray design means you can dehydrate fruits, vegetables, meats and more all at the same time. It’s the perfect kitchen appliance for making convenient, on-the-go snacks and preserving food. The Ronco Dehydrator is easy to use and has no complicated controls. Just turn it on, and the quiet convection fan circulates the heat for optimal dehydrating. Vent fans located on the lid and base are adjustable and designed to help create proper circulation. Once you’re done creating jerky, dried fruits, herbs and other easy snacks and food, wipe down the exterior and place the lid and trays in the dishwasher for easy clean up. Ronco’s Electric Dehydrator is designed to extend shelf life, preserve nutrients and maintain flavor while creating delicious snacks that are perfect for busy families, outdoor enthusiasts and anyone focused on healthy alternatives.

  • The Ronco Dehydrator includes 5 stackable trays that allow you to dehydrate and preserve multiple foods at once. Fruits, vegetables and meat can all be preserved at the same time, and the clear design allows you to monitor your food while it dehydrates.
  • There are no complicated controls or settings with Ronco’s food dehydrator. Simply slice your food, lay it flat on the 5-tray design, and turn on the dehydrator. Your food will be preserved and ready to eat in no time!
  • Ronco’s electric heating cools and convection fan operate quietly in your kitchen, so you don’t disrupt the rest of your home. And the adjustable lid and base vents are designed to allow for proper circulation, so your food is preserved and dehydrated perfectly every time.
  • Make healthy and convenient snacks for the whole family with Ronco’s 5-Tray Dehydrator. There’s no preservatives or additives like in store-bought options. Dehydrating allows you to extend the shelf-life of your food and makes great jerky, dried fruits, veggies and more. Great for outdoor adventures, dehydrated food is easy to pack and needs no refrigeration while packing plenty of nutrients.
  • Clean us is quick and easy since the trays and lid are dishwasher safe. Wipe down the rest of the unit with a damp cloth and you’re ready to store away until next time.
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