Salton Induction Cooktop with Temperature Probe

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  • Buy more, save more: Buy 2/3/4 to get 5/10/15% discount

The Salton Induction Cooktop and Temperature Probe work together to deliver automatic precision cooking for sous vide, deep frying, and slow cooking in one simple and sleek gourmet appliance. Whether you are new to the kitchen or a seasoned chef, this product will help you create flawless and repeatable dishes. 10 temperature settings range from 60°C to 240°C (140°F to 465°F) and 1500 watts provide enough power to melt butter, steam, sear, stir-fry and boil. Boasting a solid crystal glass top, countdown timer and easy-to-clean touch-sensitive controls, this deluxe Induction Cooktop is perfect for everyday use and one of your ideal kitchen appliances.

  • Like a Pro: This induction portable stove is perfect for precise cooking and sous vide thanks to an integrated temperature probe that allows you to cook food at a specific temperature for up to 8 hours
  • Energy Efficient: This Salton induction cooktop is one of the most efficient ways to cook; Induction heats the pot, not the cooking surface
  • Cooking Functions: 3-hour timer with auto shut off; Pause allows you to pause without disrupting the cooking program; Keep Warm allows you to keep food warm for up to 2 hours; Lock Function locks touch buttons to avoid accidentally pressing
  • Precise Cooking: Perfect for precise cooking and sous vide thanks to the integrated temperature probe; Features 10 cooking levels with temperature settings that range from 60°C to 240°C
  • Compatible Cookware: If a magnet sticks to the bottom of your cookware, it’s induction compatible; Magnet included
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